9.401 | Fall 2022 | Graduate

Tools for Robust Science

Week 3: Response Paper

The Challenge: Experiments cannot be repeated by other labs. Another scientist should be able to repeat the procedure and re-generate the same results. A major challenge is that procedures are often not described sufficiently, to allow another scientist to repeat them.  Even within labs people often struggle to replicate prior results. What personal experience have you had with this challenge? What makes repeatable methods particularly challenging in your area of science? 

The Tool: FAIR protocols and methodology reporting standards. Describe what you did, in fulfilling the practical activity. This includes describing how the paper you found adheres to the guidelines or what it is missing, and your experience trying to create a protocol using an online tool or template. Include any snags you hit.

Critical evaluation of the tool. What is the promise of these tools in addressing this challenge? What are the biggest obstacles? These might include the time and effort of writing or sharing complete protocols, uncertainty about which are the relevant aspects of the context, specific methods that are unusually difficult to faithfully transmit, problems with workflow, incentives, or adoption.

This response paper should be 1-2 pages long, single-spaced. Please tell us which papers you chose to read at the top of your response paper. Total points: 3.

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