9.401 | Fall 2022 | Graduate

Tools for Robust Science

Week 1: Response paper

Intake questions:

  • What name would you like us to call you? How do you pronounce it? (e.g., Ashley, ‘ASH-LEE’); If you would like to specify your preferred pronouns, please do so here (e.g., they/she).
  • What is your year and/or position (e.g., 1st-year grad student; postdoc; undergrad)?
  • What is your area of focus (e.g., computational modeling, cognitive neuroscience)?
  • At least one thing you’d like the instructors to know about you.
  • Why did you decide to take this class? What are you hoping to get out of this class? 
  • Anything we can do to support your learning in this class? Do you need any special accommodations? If so what are they?

For the Day 1 discussion, in light of the readings:

  • In general, do you believe the claims of scientists in disciplines about which you have no expertise? Why?
  • In this class, we are going to discuss ways that scientists, and scientific institutions, have failed to live up to our aspirations. What is the difference between productive, healthy critique which is necessary for science, versus doubt-mongering intended to both weaken public trust in science and make scientists defensive and closed to skeptical inquiry?

This response paper should be 1-2 pages long, single-spaced. Total points: 3.

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