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Tools for Robust Science

Week 11 Tool: Citation Audits for Papers and Syllabi

The Tool

Practical skills assignment

  1. Do a diversity audit for the syllabus of this class, This is a machine-readable bibliography of the main texts [TXT], and for a bibliography in a paper by you or from your lab.  One option for code and instructions is here (you may need this template file [TEX] as well because it checks it against a manuscript) or another version is here.
  2. Suggest one replacement for an assigned reading or resource that would increase the diversity of authors in this class’s syllabus in terms of gender, race/ethnicity, geography, or institution, e.g. researchers working in the global south or at HBCUs (Historically black colleges and universities).
  3. Find a paper you could cite in your next paper, that is topically relevant and would increase the diversity of authors in your bibliography, by gender, race/ethnicity, geography, or institution. 
  4. Read PANNING pdf, practice at least one of the ’engaging skills’ at the end of the pdf, in a meeting, class, or on Twitter etc. PANNING Excercise (PDF) on pp 3-4. 
  5. Look into the DEI work that MIT and BCS are doing, by looking at the BCS DEIJ website, the School of Science website, the ICEO website, and/or the institutional research dashboard.  Did you find anything surprising? Programs or resources you wish more people knew about? Anything that should be there but isn’t?

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