9.401 | Fall 2022 | Graduate

Tools for Robust Science

Week 2 Challenge: Data Are Wasted, Lost, and Under-Used

The Challenge

We want the data we collect to be used to make scientific advances. Ideally, we want to make and publish these discoveries ourselves. But eventually, there are many reasons to hope others will be able to use the data as well, in order to aggregate into larger datasets, as foundations for new studies, and/or for new scientific purposes that never even occurred to us. This year, NIH and the White House have both mandated that all scientific data be shared openly at the time of publication. Yet many labs’ current practices don’t always support easy and responsible data sharing. 


Additional/optional useful references:

In your response paper describe, for example, specific examples of when and why data reuse is important for your science, something you learned from the readings you didn’t already know, and/or a personal experience you’ve had that really brought home the challenge of data sharing and management.

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