RES.16-002 | January IAP 2024 | Non-Credit

How to CAD Almost Anything

Parting Thoughts

Below, Andy G. Eskenazi reflects on the experience of teaching the workshop “How to CAD Almost Anything” in the Independent Activities Period (IAP) of 2024 and his hopes for teaching more CAD courses in the future.

The only thing left for me to say is that it has been a privilege teaching this course this past IAP (2024). I greatly enjoyed working with all the students; watching their progress and feeling their energy motivated me to push forward, despite the amount of work that organizing the class meant while having to deal with my own PhD research responsibilities. Their feedback will be invaluable as I look to teach future iterations of this course, hopefully next IAP (2025)! While MIT, to my or my students’ knowledge, doesn’t formally offer a CAD class, I hope that this OCW open-access series will serve as a partial substitute, that will at least expose the community to the wonders of CAD!

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January IAP 2024
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