6.033 | Spring 2018 | Undergraduate

Computer System Engineering

Week 6: Networking Part II

Lecture 10: Networking: Routing (BGP)

Lecture 10 Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. (Three Ways We Deal With) Scale
  3. Policy Routing
  4. Typical BGP Relationships
  5. BGP Relationships => BGP Export Policies
  6. BGP Relationships => BGP Import Policies
  7. BGP in Light of Distributed Routing
  8. Problems With BGP
  9. Recurring Themes

Lecture Slides


  • Balakrishnan, Hari. “An Introduction to Wide-Area Internet Routing.” 6.033 case study, MIT, January 2009. 

Recitation 10: [Cancelled due to inclement weather]

Hands-on Assignment 5: Internet Routes and Measuring Round Trip Times

(Not available to OCW users.)

Lecture 11: Transport Layer

Lecture 11 Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. TCP
  3. Reliable Transport via Sliding-Window Protocol
  4. Main Motivation
  5. Congestion Control
  6. AIMD
  7. Finite Offered Load
  8. Additional Mechanisms
  9. Reflection

Lecture Slides


Recitation 11: Resilient Overlay Networks (RON)

Tutorial 6: Assembling the Design Project Preliminary Report

The Design Project Preliminary Report (PDF) was assigned in Week 3. The preliminary report for the design project will be evaluated by your Recitation Instructor and your Communication Instructor. Your Communication Instructor will evaluate it according to the grading rubric and assign a letter grade. Your Recitation Instructor will evaluate the preliminary report to make sure your design is on the right track; you should incorporate their feedback into the presentation and report. See the Design Project section for more details.

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