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Class overview

Introduction to engineering and the design process, engineering drawing, sketching, back of the envelope calculations

Overview (PDF 1 ‑ 4.8MB)

Engineering design (PDF 2 ‑ 3.6MB)

Introductory questionnaire (PDF)

Concept quiz (PDF)

Slocum, Alexander H. “Design Is A Passionate Process.” Chapter 1 in Fundamentals of Design. (PDF)


Basic design analysis

Free body diagrams, Newton’s laws

Engineering analysis (PDF)

Electronics and water: two great tastes that don’t taste so great together…

Exploration with instrumentation

Circuits (PDF)
4 Hydrostatics, pressure and water proofing Fluid effects and forces (PDF ‑ 3.1MB) Hydrostatic pressure effects and Archimedes’ principle (PDF)
5 Holiday - no lecture    
6 Design brainstorming, project ideas, Solidworks repository development    

Motors and electronics

Guest lecturer: Prof. Steven Leeb

Gears & linkages (PDF ‑ 1.7MB) Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, RLE, MIT Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Design analysis, error estimation, data presentation

Propulsion: power vs. thrust and efficiency

9 Engineering ethics and using your best judgment    

Communicating engineering design

Promoting your ideas/inventions


Exploration on the Moon: mission planning for EVA and geology, part 1

Guest lecturer: Prof. Dava Newman

Prelab (PDF ‑ 4.5MB) (Courtesy of Dava Newman. Used with permission.)

Lab (PDF ‑ 2.0MB) (Courtesy of Dava Newman. Used with permission.)


Man Vehicle Lab, MIT Aeronautics & Astronautics

Exploration adventure part 2

Guest lecturer: Prof. Dava Newman

13 Student presentations: in-class design review    
14 Design iterations, recalculations    
15 Cool robots and bomb disposal    
16 Bio-robots, gecko feet, and cool stuff!    
17 Engineering and society    
18 Guest lecture    
19 Pool testing at the Z-Center    
20 Engineering at MIT: choice of majors  

MIT Freshmen: Choosing Your Major

MIT Mechanical Engineering

MIT Ocean Engineering

MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics

21 No class, optional Boston Harbor Day trip + lunch    
22 Guest lecturer: Prof. Steve Dubowsky, mobile robots   Field and Space Robotics Laboratory, MIT Mechanical Engineering
23 Guest lecturer: Prof. Sangbae Kim, bio-inspired design   Biomimetic Robotics Lab, MIT Mechanical Engineering
24 Engineering after MIT: grad school, consulting, FE exam, professional engineers certification, internships  

NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Exams

ASME Ethics Code (PDF)

25 Guest lecturer: Dr. Sheri White, underwater exploration   Dr. White’s research, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
26 Guest lecturer: Prof. Jeff Hoffman, aerospace engineering design   Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium, MIT Aeronautics & Astronautics
27 Final student poster presentations    
28 Lab clean up, evaluations    

Moon Mission Photos

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